Our stimulating and nurturing babies and toddlers programme gives you and your child a structured introduction to the joys of water and is a perfect bonding activity. We use positive reinforcement, games, songs and social interaction to foster emotional and physical development. Educating children about safety in the water creates the foundation for a lifetime of fun-filled aquatic experiences. Water confidence develops the fundamental skills for learning to swim.

Baby class times: Monday to Friday 9.15am – 12.00pm, Sat 8.30am – 2.00pm.

Duration 25 Minutes $78.30 (10 Weeks)



6-12 months Ratio 1:8

  • Safe entries & exits
  • Front & back holds
  • Develop hand / eye coordination
  • Submersion cues & submersion


1-2 Years Ratio 1:8

  • Develop breath control
  • Submersion with release
  • Assisted kicking front
  • Assisted dog paddle


2-3 years Ratio 1:6

  • Submerge & blow bubbles 5 seconds
  • Develop independent participation in lessons
  • Independent jump & return to safety
  • Assisted floating front & back 10 seconds
Preparing for baby’s swimming lesson
  • All children need to wear an aqua nappy until they are fully toilet trained
  • Parents/caregivers need to be in the water for lessons with their baby or toddler
  • You need to arrive early for your lesson to avoid rushing so you are able to start the lesson as calmly as possible
  • During the lesson use slow, controlled movements with your child
  • Keep it positive, smile and praise your child
  • Try not to feed your child for an hour before the lesson as this helps to reduce spills in the pool
  • If your child is getting cold during the lesson, a merino or thermal bodysuit will help them to warm up afterwards
  • Bring an extra towel and snacks for after your lesson
  • Remember, baby swimming is a gradual process and cannot be rushed. Go at your baby’s pace and make sure you both have fun.