Just Swim offer swimming lessons based around the water skills for life programme.  The programme has a focus on the skills and knowledge, children need to make assess risks and make smart decisions around the water.  These lessons are run at a variety of locations including Moana Pool, Te Puna o Whakaehu, as well as a number of school pools.

*Funding for this programme is available through Sport Otago. Please visit Sport Otago website for more information.

We also offer a number of optional activities that enhance the water experience and can be tailored to suit your requirements. These include:

  • Boating education (certificates provided)
  • Kayaking
  • Water safety and survival
  • Snorkelling
  • Diving
  • Raft building
  • Surf skills

Some activities are only available at Moana Pool. For further information please contact: justswim@dcc.govt.nz.

*For further details please ask about this funding when submitting your enquiry.