Just Swim is teaching the following days and levels at Te Puna o Whakaehu 2024.

Tuesday and Wednesday after school- Preschool and School age levels
Friday Morning - Baby classes  6 months - 2-year-olds.

Join us for Splash Time

  • Splash Time (6 months – 2 years), Build you and your child’s confidence in and around the water with our pop-up sessions at Te Puna o Whakaehu 9:30am -10:15am (45 minutes)  Cost $13.70 per session, book one or multiple sessions.
  • 2024 Pop-up session dates:

    • Thursday  15 February
    • Thursday 7 march
    • Thursday 28 March

    Meet on the poolside, changed in togs at 9:30am for introduction before getting in the Pool

  • Water safety in, on and around water.
  • Ideas to make your visit to the pool fun and non-stressful:
    • Getting there.
    • Getting changed – changing facilities.
    • Entering the water - the different water spaces.
    • What to do once in the pool:
      • Fountains.
      • Beach.
      • Ledge.
      • Equipment.
      • Activities and songs.
    • Getting out of the pool and getting changed.
  • Benefits of early introduction to the water.
  • How to ensure your child has a positive and fun time, learning in the water.

Qualified swim teachers will be there to support you while you get to know the pool and to advise you on the progressions of aquatic education to suit you and your child. Parents/caregivers are required in the pool for Splash Time.

Just Swim toys and equipment with be available to use.

To enrol, please complete our online Child Swim School Enrolment Form by selecting the date of the pop-up session you would like to attend.  If you have attended our pop-up sessions previously please book by emailing justswim@dcc.govt.nz

Payment information will be included in your booking confirmation email.