Swimming lessons can be booked with Just Swim in the following ways:

  1. Completing our online enrolment found on our website justswim.nz
  2. Email justswim@dcc.govt.nz
  3. Phone (03) 471 9659

Visit the Just Swim Reception Desk at Moana Pool

Payment instructions will be included in your initial hold email. You now have the ability to pay online through the customer portal using a credit/debit card, along with the original options of paying at reception or via a bank transfer*(*bank transfer must be made 3 days prior to first lesson to allow payment to be received)

Babies will need a swimming nappy, togs and towel.
Preschool, school-age and adult swimmers will need togs, a towel and goggles.
Swim caps are optional; however we recommend that long hair is tied up.
The Moana Pool Swim Shop have a great selection of togs and swim wear for all ages.

All new swimmers to Just Swim will be issued a Moana Pool swipe card upon payment. Please see one of the Moana Pool Reception team to get your swipe card issued. Keep this card safe, as all future lessons are loaded onto it. The swipe card is for the entry of the parent/caregiver and child receiving the lesson. Any additional spectators need to see Reception staff to be issued with a free spectator pass. Each lesson also includes an adult swim, so you can enjoy the water with your child after the lesson. Any others wanting to swim after the lesson will need to pay the usual Moana Pool swim charge.

I lost my swipe card can I get a new one?

Yes. Please talk to staff at the Moana Pool Reception. There is a small fee for a replacement card.

Children under 5 years,

  • During preschool lessons, must be actively supervised by a caregiver poolside
  • When not in lessons, caregivers are required to be in the water within arm’s reach of child

Children 5-9 years,

  • During lessons, must be wearing a yellow wristband. Caregiver must drop off and pick up child from the Just Swim instructor

When not in lessons, must be wearing a yellow wristband and actively supervised at all times by caregiver 16 years or older.

Yes, we run holiday block courses at Moana Pool. We offer group lessons, private lessons and activity programmes.

Either let us know by emailing us at justswim@dcc.govt.nz or popping in to the Just Swim Reception desk which can be found on the right-hand side as you walk in the front doors.

There are no lessons on public holidays. On rare occasions we cancel lessons due to large events occurring at Moana Pool (e.g. very large swim competitions). The lesson dates are excluded from the booking process, so there is no charge.

If you are unable to attend your lesson, please let us know by completing our online absence form https://justswim.nz/contact-us/absent-from-lesson

If you cannot attend your lesson due to a medical reason, we can issue vouchers that you can use to pay for future lessons. Vouchers will only be issued if two or more consecutive lessons are missed due to a medical reason. You will need to provide a medical certificate within seven days of the missed lesson to receive the vouchers. Our policy does not include missed lessons due to COVID or isolation. Doctors are not providing medical certificates for this. Please contact us if you have missed a significant number of consecutive lessons due to COVID/Isolation.

At Moana Pool lessons are held in the Learners Pool or the shallow end of the Main Pool. There will be a map poolside during Week One of lessons to help you locate your lesson. There will be a Just Swim staff member poolside to help direct you to your lesson.
For Mosgiel lessons please check your booking confirmation for the location of your lessons. We operate at two sites - the Mosgiel West Pool and the Mosgiel Community Pool. On arrival please check in with the instructors.

Firstly, ask your instructor as they will know the areas that your swimmer has improved in and the areas that need practice. You can also see one of our poolside team to arrange an assessment.

Once your instructor thinks your child is achieving the level goals, they will organise for one of the head teachers to assess them and let you know if they are ready to move up a class or not.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress, please see one of our poolside team who will be able to assist you.  The earlier in the term you do this, the more beneficial for your child and their swimming progression.

We have a Just Swim Passport sticker book. Once a level is passed, the swimmer is given a sticker representing that level to place in their Passport book. If the Passport or sticker is lost, please see the Just Swim Reception desk for a replacement.

All lessons will automatically roll into the following term. If you need to change days or times, please contact us once you receive your new booking confirmation.