Just Swim

Just Swim uses an Online Customer Portal. The benefits of the portal include:

  • View class information
  • Pay online using debit/credit card
  • View swimmer progression and assessment results
  • Bookings are automatically placed on hold for the next term; and
  • Lesson credits will be electronic on your account and can be accessed and redeemed for any facility purchase via the customer portal or at reception.

Future benefits:

  • Enrol additional children through the portal
  • New enrolments processed through the portal; and
  • Access to see lesson spaces and to change your booking.

Customer Portal setup

For first time customers to gain access to the portal, you will be sent a link via a Just Swim on-hold email. You will then need to create an account to then login:

  • In the top-right of the home screen, click Log In. Click create account.
  • Please enter the same email address that received the on-hold email.
  • Wait a few minutes for an email to arrive in your inbox, then follow the link.
  • Create a password.
  • You should now be logged in and on the Customer Portal home screen.

How do I access my on-hold booking?

You need to login to the portal to view your on-hold bookings.

Log into your account:

  • Click on Menu (top left-hand side to move away from the Dashboard page).
  • Click on Just Swim Classes. Move down past New Enrolment until you see Held Classes.
  • Under Held Classes you can view lesson information, scrolling down will show all the swimmers linked to your account.
  • Click on +Enrol Now and follow the process through. See on-hold email for the three payment options.

Just Swim FAQs

On-hold means that your space for the class is temporarily reserved pending payment. This has a set expiry and if you do not pay prior to or on the day of the first scheduled lesson of term, then your hold and reserved space will be lost.

Payment secures your space in the class. Not paying before the first lesson means your space will be lost. If you suspect you will miss your first lesson, we still require payment. Letting us know of the absence is helpful but will not reserve your space. If your spot is lost, we cannot guarantee you will get back into the same day and time and you will need to email us to check what available spaces there are.

Please fill out an absent from lesson form. This is not available in the customer portal.

If you’re on-hold for a class, you will have access to the day, time and level of the class in your customer portal. Once payment has been received, your spot will be confirmed. You will then have access to more details on the portal along with receiving an automated booking confirmation email with further lesson details. You will be able to see who your swim teacher will be and where your lesson will take place.

Payment instructions will be included in your initial on-hold email. You can pay online* through the customer portal using a credit/debit card, via a bank transfer or at reception.

*Online portal payment as well as bank transfers must be made at least three days before the first lesson to allow for the payment to be received.

If you login to the customer portal and want to change the day or time for your lessons, you need to reply to your on-hold email with your child’s full name and your preferred days and times.

Please let us know in person or email us if you no longer require your booking.

On the customer portal, select Just Swim Classes. You should then see all swimmers linked to your account. Clicking on View Progress will show goal progress.

You can view your child’s progress via the portal to keep informed. If you are unhappy with their progress, please speak to a Just Swim staff member poolside or email us at justswim@dcc.govt.nz for further assistance.

A head teacher will direct you to a Just Swim team member to assist booking your new level. You will receive an updated confirmation automatically via email. Swimmers will collect their record of achievement passport and stickers as they progress through the levels.

Please feel free to speak to a Just Swim staff member poolside, or by emailing us at justswim@dcc.govt.nz if you have any questions or need further help. Alternatively, feel free to explore more of our website for key information

Please take note of your lesson’s location on the customer portal or in the confirmation email received once payment is processed. If paying at reception on the day, please refer to your receipt for your lesson location. There will be a map illustrating where each location is. If you are unsure, feel free to ask one of our staff members for assistance.

If you are currently booked in, your booking will be placed on hold for the following term automatically. If you are not booked, you will need to fill out our online Child Swim School Enrolment Form. If you have enrolled during 2023 you will already be in our system, please email with your swimmer’s full name.

From April 2023, Just Swim ceased to provide physical vouchers. Vouchers are now credited to your account and can be used for any purchase at Dunedin Aquatic Facilities. Any physical vouchers issued prior to this time are still valid but need to be redeemed at reception.

Yes, this process will remain the same. These can be purchased and redeemed at Moana Pool reception only.

If you are new to Just Swim, you will need to fill out our online enrolment form under Enrol now on the Just Swim official website. Once your enrolment is processed you will be placed on hold in a class and sent an email which will contain the link to access the online customer portal and on-hold booking information. Payment options and details are included in this email.

What if I need help?

Just Swim staff are here to help if you have any problems you can have a chat to one of our team or you can email us at justswim@dcc.govt.nz.