Squads 7 - 16 years

If your child has progressed through our school aged levels or is already achieving the Fur Seal goals it is time to join the squad programme. Our squad programme focuses on consistent use of technique across all four strokes while increasing distance and ensuring survival skills.

Swimming is a great workout, building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Squad swimming is the ideal preparation for competitive swimming and other aquatic sports. It is great for improving fitness and can aid recovery for other sporting interests. If desired, swimmers can participate in multiple lessons each week.

Squad class times: Monday to Friday 3.30pm – 6.15pm and Sat 8.30am – 2.00pm.

Duration 30-60 Minutes $137.00 (10 Weeks)



Ratio 1:7 | Duration 30 minutes

  • 100m freestyle
  • 100m backstroke
  • 50m breaststroke
  • 25m basic butterfly

Southern Right Whale

Ratio 1:7 | Duration 45 minutes

  • 100m free under 2min
  • 100m medley
  • 400m distance swim
  • 3min tread water

Humpback Whale

Ratio 1:8 | Duration 45 minutes

  • 200m free under 4min
  • 200m medley
  • 800m distance swim
  • 5min tread water

Blue Whale

Ratio 1:8 | Duration 60 minutes

  • 400m under 9min
  • 400m medley
  • 1500m distance swim
  • Assisted tow 25m